Frequently Asked Questions

Water intelligence is any technology you can leverage to understand, visualize and optimize your water consumption. We didn’t invent water intelligence, but our platform has perfected it through the deployment of IoT technology, arti cial intelligence, and actionable data analytics, making it easier than ever for property managers and households to conserve water and cut utility costs.
As water and sewage rates increase and water continues to grow scarcer in the coming years and decades, commercial property managers can utilize the Aqualytics solution to optimize their building or portfolio’s water usage. Depending on the vertical and water intensity of the assets, Aqualytics systems are installed in line in strategic points of data collection throughout the system.

The Aqualytics customer success team provides installation training and support, and ensures that all systems are linked to the cloud post-installation. In addition, the success team will train all users on the ins and outs of your dashboard.

The dashboard allows property managers to continuously monitor their water usage for leaks and inef ciencies, and in turn, slash utility costs and achieve BREEAM, LEED, LBC, and other green certi cations.
Most water meters today are not IoT-enabled, which means they can’t communicate with each other or the internet and therefore cannot provide real-time views of your water usage. Flowless leverages meters to capture consumption data and then transfers that data to the cloud. As opposed to traditional AMI, Flowless combines multiple, powerful IoT- and AI-driven technologies to track your water consumption 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Flowless also leverages custom analytics to help you continuously update and improve your consumption habits to protect the environment, cut costs, and protect your assets.
You can absolutely retrofit your existing system. In no instance does a property have to build an entirely new water system to use Flowless — we can help you retro t your current systems to ensure compatibility with our technology. Based on plumbing blueprints, as-built drawings, or on-site surveys, we work with you to create a framework that allows for successful, continuous data collection.
Automatic meter reading(AMR) is a technology that automatically collects data from water meters related to consumption, diagnostics, and operational status on a daily basis, typically through radio frequencies (RF).

Advanced metering infrastructure(AMI) is an integrated system of smart meters, communication networks, and data management systems that enables two-way communication between utilities and their customers. Flowless represents the culmination of both technologies’ evolution over the past few decades. As opposed to traditional AMR or AMI, which rely on older RF technologies rst introduced to the market back in the 1980s, Flowless leverages the latest IoT and cloud computing technologies to outperform expensive communication systems and hardware. The Flowless digitally connected network offers the capability to control and even shut off water ow via connected, remotely accessible valves in cases of leaks and emergencies. The live stream of data Flowless provides allows you to analyze your usage on demand, identify abnormal events, and glean actionable insights in real-time, instead of as part of daily readings (after it’s often too late). In addition to the established value of adopting AMR and AMI technologies, Flowless added features offer signi cant ROI in the form of operational and insurance savings.
The Flowless reporting module provides highly legible, high- level reporting and insights while allowing customers to further tailor reports to serve niche interests. Our baseline reporting includes xture-based analysis for each individual asset or portfolio, water consumption broken down by building area or apartment unit, comparative analysis of your assets and xtures, leak alerts, and much more. Our team will provide guidance throughout the implementation process so that your dashboard meets all of your speci c reporting needs.
Yes! Our software provides APIs to support all cloud integrations and is designed to integrate with your building management systems, energy management systems, and other platforms.